What You Need to Know about Purchasing Grease Gun Machine


Imagine using equipment without lubricating them. They would be noisy and would rust quicker. Greasing equipment makes it easier to use. A grease gun comes in handy because it ensures no wastage and makes sure that grease gets to parts of the equipment where your finger could not get to.

What is a Grease gun?

A grease gun contains four parts; the grease tube which holds the grease also known as the cartridge. The second part isthe plunger and the spring which keeppressure on the grease within the grease tube. There is also a lever that provides pressure to force the grease out of the tube. Lastly, the flexible hose is forced from the grease gun to the machine being lubricated.

The Best Grease Gun Machine

A high-quality grease gun machine helps have a smoother operation. It enables working parts to have less friction making them easier to use. When choosing the best grease gun, make sure it is easy to use and prevents air pockets.


The durability of a grease gun determines the grease gun price in Kenya. When choosing a grease gun, it is important to buy one that will last longer. It saves you money to buy one that is expensive but durable than buy a cheap one then you have to keep going back to purchase a new one.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Grease Gun

First is the length of the hose since it will have to fit in tight spaces and corners as well. Secondly, is the pressure rating of the gun because the higher the pressure the more power to easily dispense the grease out of the gun easily. Lastly, is the capacity, the more the holding capacity, the more it saves you the time to keep refilling the grease when working.


The longevity of your grease gun is dependent on the quality of the grease gun machine. It is also determined ny how you use and maintain it. As much as the grease gun is used to maintain and prolong the usage of other tools, it is important to also take care of it to ensure that it also is in use for a long time.

Types of Grease Gun Machine

It is important to note that there are different types of grease guns. Examples are; the lever grease gun that is also known as the manual grease gun, hand pump grease gun, pneumatic grease gun, and battery-powered grease gun.


When you purchase a grease gun, it is important to get a warranty for it. It ensures you of the product quality. It shows that the company has full confidence in its product.


Grease gun machines make greasing equipment easier. It is a technology that has made life easier. It is important to consider the use of your grease gun to determine the size you will buy. It is better to get a grease gun rather than using hands or sticks because it saves on wastage.