What You  Should  know About Cotton Candy  Machine 


You may be wondering what a cotton candy machine is. This article is going to enlighten you about Cotton Candy Machines. Basically, this  is  a machine  that  is  used  for  the making of  candies .

It consists of a spinning head covering a bowl   into which the colored granulated sugar is poured. It is also known as a fairy floss or candy floss.

How does  a cotton candy machine work

It works under the principle of centrifugation. The machine heats and liquefies the sugar by spinning it centrifugally through very small holes. This makes the sugar to cool rapidly and then re-solidifies into fine strands.

You may have come across the cotton candies since they are mostly sold at festivals, fairs, circuses and carnivals. They are usually served on either a stick, paper cone or a plastic bag.

After  using the  machine, it  should be  left  to  warm up  for  at  least 20 to  30 minutes before  putting sugar  into  the  machine again.

Step by  step  procedure on  how  to  use  a cotton candy  machine

Step 1: pour sugar inside the machine

The first step is to pour the sugar into the machine. This sugar goes to the top of the machine’s spinner head. The  spinner  stir about 2 table  spoons  of the coloring into  approximately 10 to  15 pounds  of  plain  sugar.

Step 2: melting

Inside the spinner head, the sugar trickles down into the heating compartment. There is  a metal  coil  that  usually operates at  around 350 degrees , which  is  enough to  melt down the  sugar . The spinner head flings the liquefied sugar outwards. This is achieved by a centrifugal force

Step 4: Floss slitting

A black steel ring known as a floss band surrounds the heating compartment. The  liquid sugar  is  dispersed by  rows  of  diagonal slits, found in  the  band, into  thin  filaments.

Step 5: cooling the candy

Cooling of the candy is done by a stabilizer. A stabilizer is a plastic net found inside the floss pan.

Factors you  need  to  consider when  purchasing a cotton candy  machine

1.Your serving size.

If  you  have  to  serve  large sized cotton  candy, then  a machine with  a larger  bag  is required.

2. The level of skills you have or are willing to hire.

Some machines are easy to handle while others require a lot of skills to work with. In cases where you   will require help from volunteers, then a simpler machine is advisable to use.

3. The number of colors you want to produce.

The  complexity of  a machine increases  with  the  number  of colors of  cotton candy  it  produces . Those that produce more colors, however, require high level of maintenance.

4. The cost  of  the  candy machine

Cost is usually the core factor many consider when going for a cotton candy machine. The price of the machine varies with its quality. If  cost  is  to  be  considered , then  you  should probably go  for  the  cheaper one . However cotton candy machine price in Kenya is usually affordable for everyone.

5. The required shelf life of the candy to be produced.

The shelf life of the cotton candy also depends on the packaging and not only production. Cotton candies stored in plastic containers tend to have a longer lifespan compared to the ones stored in bags.

6. The servings needed per  a given  time

In  cases where  more  cotton candies are  to be  produced, a more  advanced machine should be  used  since  they  work faster than the  simpler  ones .

7. The electrical requirements you need.

8. Your venue of cotton candy preparation.


Cotton Candy Machines are available in various varieties depending on quality, price, complexity and durability. This gives you a wide range to choose from according to your preference.