When Studying in Australia, Why Do You Require Health Insurance?

Australia provides Overseas Student Health Cover, a special health insurance policy for international students (OSHC). OSHC is an insurance scheme designed to help international students cover the medical and hospital care expenses they may need while in Australia. It is mandatory for international students to buy their Australian international student health insurance because of these requirements prior to departing from their home country. 

Who needs to buy an OSHC policy? 

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has mandated having an Overseas Health Insurance for all the international students who do not fall under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) with Australia. Department also clearly mentioned that one must maintain an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for their entire duration of stay in the country.

What are the exemptions? 

Generally, elven RHCA countries enjoy some relaxation with this health insurance guideline. However, except three countries, students from the rest of the countries need to buy an OSHC at some point. The three countries include;

Students of Belgium: They do not need to buy an OSHC Australia as they are covered under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement.

Students of Norway: They do not need to buy an OSHC as they are covered under the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme. 

Students of Sweden: They do not need to buy an OSHC as they are covered either by the National Board of Student Air or by Kammarkollegiet. However, if either of them does not cover any student, she/he must buy an OSHC. 

Why is it necessary?

Securing the OSHC is a non-negotiable move for everyone else. But why is this cover so essential to have in place?

Picture this: When you are abroad, you plan to enter a local cricket league. Your teammate throws the cricket ball at practise one day, and it hits you square in the back. You feel dizzy, your head is moving in the big universe, and your captain demands that you see a doctor.

Getting OSHC is the difference between an enormous medical bill and a manageable cost when you go to the hospital. Any kind of clinical care can become costly quickly without health cover in Australia.

Who can purchase an OSHC? 

OSHC is purchased either by your educational agent, or you can select your own approved OSHC provider and pay yourself for the insurance. It is critical that you maintain continuous coverage for your entire stay in Australia, regardless of who buys it. This refers in particular to students who study through two separate institutions who arranges the insurance on behalf of the international student. 

What is covered by an OSHC policy? 

The OSHC plan is intended to cover international students seeking care at a doctor’s office, hospital or small prescription drug clinic. Depending on the package you buy, coverage can vary, so it’s essential to visit each OSHC provider to ensure that you get the coverage you need.

You’ll want to inquire about the plan’s waiting times, exclusions, and other restrictions. The OSHC scheme would not cover any care planned prior to arrival in Australia, treatment to and 

from Australia, and transportation to or from Australia. Usually, OSHC does not cover dental, visual or physiotherapy either.

In Australia, you have OSHC to protect you, but you want coverage when planning to fly to other international destinations. New Zealand and Fiji are just around the corner, after all. Consider buying international student health insurance from Australia so that you will be safe when your OSHC coverage ends. Prices for international student health insurance is regular, and you can apply online for it. 

From where can you buy health insurance? 

You are recommended to buy the health covers from the leading insurance providers to ensure the best service. Some of the leading OSHC providers are; 

  • Ahm
  • Allianz Global Assistance
  • Bupa
  • Medibank 
  • Nib 

Submit the proof with your application 

You will be asked to provide proof of payment when you complete your application, as well as confirmation that your OSHC coverage starts when you arrive in Australia. 

How can GetMyPolicy help you choose the cover? 

As mentioned earlier, it is always recommended to visit every service provider’s website to get the best deal and select what is best suited for you. However, we understand that it can be a tedious job to research from each website. This is where GetMyPolicy makes your job easier.

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