HealthWhich are the Best Ayurvedic Treatment Packages in the Ayurvedagram Centre?

Which are the Best Ayurvedic Treatment Packages in the Ayurvedagram Centre?

Health is the most important thing in life and as humans, we always try to ensure good health and a long life. Ayurveda, a five-thousand-year-old science, states the possibility of living a long and healthy life through energizing practices. By allowing your body, mind, senses, and atma (spirit) to meet and collaborate, it is possible to stay healthy and cure your body of a wide array of ailments and diseases.

Today, many effective ayurvedic treatment packages combine focused practices to target healing in different parts of the body. Ayurveda not only provides physical rejuvenation but also mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and strengthening.

Ayurveda, a subject which was seen as a science in the olden ages, has recently become very relevant again. The study of Ayurveda is complex and believes in creating harmony between the mind, soul, and body by reconnecting one to nature.

Effective Ayurvedic Treatments That Promote Healing

Ayurvedic Treatment Packages are meant to impart continuous treatment to targeted areas of the body, fostering healing and rejuvenation in those areas. Here are 5 effective treatments that you should consider:

1. Panchakarma Treatment:

Panchakarma translates to ‘five actions; and is a key treatment in Ayurveda. It is a natural and holistic technique that aims at purifying and rejuvenating the body through a series of 5 key therapies. Each therapy is focused on a core function of your body and is administered to cleanse your system of toxins and waste material that slowly gets deposited in your body.

The duration of this therapy lasts from 21 days to a month depending on the individual and their ailments. This treatment is also called ‘Shodhana Chikitsa” which translates to purification therapy. This treatment uses an assortment of essential oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients that induce long-lasting benefits for the individual.

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2. Snehavasthy Therapy:

This therapy is targeted at healing your digestive system. The digestive system is a very active organ system in the body that is constantly tasked with processing, breaking down, and digesting your food. In normal situations, as people grow old, these organs go through wear and tear and waste materials accumulate at a higher rate.

This decreases the functioning of the digestive system. Snehavasthy therapy is aimed at your entire digestive system and is usually conducted after meals, so the natural rhythm of a body’s digestion process can be triggered. Essential oils are used in this therapy that cleanses the organs and nourishes them while providing them lubrication to push out all waste materials.

3. Nasya Therapy:

Nasya Therapy is a very popular therapy that focuses on the vital organs above the neck. This therapy is a great way to clean out any blockages in the nose, head, scalp, hair, and throat. Medicated oils are administered gently into the nose, where they are absorbed by the circulatory system.

This therapy nourished the organs above the neck and is a highly beneficial therapy. Prior preparation is necessary and the medicated oils are very carefully mixed, according to the needs of each individual. This therapy requires a skilled professional to supervise and a safe, quiet spot for the patient to relax.

4. Abhyanga Therapy:

Abhyanga therapy focuses on the entire body and is a practice that can be done as a daily ritual. It entails an effective oil massage where oils are infused with medical herbs, mixed according to a person’s ailments and pains, and used for massaging.

A professional masseur uses these oils to deeply massage the body, muscles, and tissues, draining away excessive lymph from the body. This therapy is extremely beneficial for maintaining general health, skin, blood circulation, and healthy muscles.

These are 4 ayurvedic treatment packages that you have to try at least once! Apart from this, there are many unique, focused treatments used in curing specific illnesses and diseases, and an ayurvedic practitioner can suggest the best treatment for you!

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