Which games can you play in Sikkim casinos?

Online casinos are all the rage in India now, and you can find plenty of them with a simple search on the internet. You can also visit websites like casinoexpert.in which gives you an in-depth analysis and comparison of most major gambling websites, helping you make a better choice.

However, nothing beats the thrill of sitting in a brick-and-mortar casino, and the atmosphere around you, complete with the jangling of the slot machines, and the sound of the ball jumping around on a roulette wheel.

Sadly, visiting a real casino in India is not that easy, as they are legal in only three regions as of now, Goa, Daman, and Sikkim.

Gambling in Sikkim

While Goa was the first state in India to legalize casinos, Sikkim followed suit and passed the Sikkim Regulation of Gambling (Amendment) Act in 2005, paving the way for legal gambling.

As of now, there are three casinos operating in Sikkim, namely the Casino Mahjong, Casino Sikkim, and Deltin Denzong, offering its patrons a variety of different gambling games.

Games that you can enjoy in Sikkim casinos

Gamblers can enjoy all the popular gambling games in Sikkim, including:

  •         Texas Hold’em poker: In this game, the dealer deals five cards face-up, in three stages, on the table, known as the community cards, and two cards to each of the players, known as the hole cards, face down. The goal for each player is to get the highest hand by using various combinations of the community and hole cards.
  •         5 card poker: It is one of the easiest forms of poker, and hence popular amongst the newcomers in any casino. Each player is dealt five cards, face down, and a round of betting commences. Players can either choose to play or fold. At the end of the first round, players can choose to `draw´, where they can discard 1 or 2 of the unwanted cards from their hand, and replace them. This is followed by a second round of betting, at the end of which, a showdown occurs.
  •         3 card poker: This 300-year-old game is an American version of `Brag´, where players and the dealers are dealt three cards each. Players can either fold or continue to play by matching the `ante´ bet. Once the bets are placed, the cards are revealed, and bets are settled according to who has the higher hand.
  •         Baccarat: Although many players may get intimidated by the name, it is in fact one of the simplest casino games, where players either bet on the Banker’s hand or the Player’s hand, guessing which one would have the hand with the highest total. One can also bet on a tie. Baccarat typically has one of the lowest house edges amongst all casino games.
  •         Teen Patti or Indian Flush: Also known as Indian Flush, it is one of the most popular games in India. It can be played with multiple players, with the objective of getting the highest three-card hand.
  •       Roulette: The game features a wheel, marked with numbers 1 to 36 in black and red slots, and a green slot containing the number 0. Players can place many types of bets, including the exact number, odds or evens, red or black, dozens, columns etc. The wheel is then spun, and a ball is rolled in the opposite direction. As the wheel comes to a stop, the ball comes to rest in a slot, and bets are settled accordingly.
  •       Blackjack: Again, one of the most popular games on the floor, it is also known as 21. Players play the game against the dealer, and everyone is dealt two cards. Players can either choose to hit or stand, depending on their hand, with the objective being to get a total closest to 21, without going over it.
  •         Slot machines: These are probably the most favorite of all players and require no skill.

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