Who Else Wants Healthy and Radiant Acne-Free Skin?


Are you tired of having breakouts, zits, and dry skin? And does it seem like every skincare method that you have tried doesn’t work? Changes in climate and seasons play a huge factor in your skin’s overall health.

With the wide variety of skincare products in the market, you may be having a hard time looking for “the one.” But don’t worry! We’ve got some tips for you, to start with we suggest looking into products from Korean skincare brands like Sulwhasoo that are well known to stop acne and improve the overall quality of your skin.

What Are Skin Supplements?

Keeping your skin’s health and radiance is more than just surface action. SKIN DISCIPLINE™ Acne Pills is one of the many skin care supplements that would ideally be taken daily to prevent acne, breakouts and to minimize the inflammation of your skin. So, what can you expect from these products? Read on and find out:

  • Regulates Your Sebum Level

Sebum is the oily and waxy substance that is produced by the peculiar glands in your body called sebaceous glands. It is a natural oil that is produced by your body to moisturize and protect your skin. But did you know that too much sebum can cause moderate to severe acne and breakouts? And this is caused by hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, and puberty. Products like the SKIN DISCIPLINE™ Acne Pills helps regulate your sebum production and prevents acne from growing in your skin.

  • Speeds Up the Skin Cells’ Turnover

Skin cell turnover is a natural cycle of your body that replaces the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin with new healthy cells. This cycle usually goes on for approximately 27 days. Through proper diet, well-regulated hormones, and stress levels, you can speed it up. Changing lifestyles is hard and can be such a hassle for some people. That’s why these skincare products are equipped with proper ingredients not only to fix the surface of your skin but also to regulate the internal factors that affect the overall health of your skin.

  • Skin Nourishing Ingredients

Most skin supplements are equipped with ingredients including zinc, which is a great anti-inflammatory nutrient that could help your skin avoid inflammation, redness, and scarring, while the probiotics and vitamin B6 help balance your hormones during puberty, aging, or pregnancy. Chromium is beneficial for your body’s metabolism. And chromium is not naturally produced by your body, so you need to either add it to your diet or consume supplements that have it. And aside from these, niacin, selenium, pantothenic acid, copper, and omega-3 are also components of New Nordic Supplements that are beneficial for your internal and external skin health.

How Soon Will You See the Results?

Consistency is the key when it comes to your health. You need to take them daily for a month to see minimal results and at least two to three to see a major difference. Why does it take so long? Your skin and other internal factors need to get used to the changes caused by the supplement. Regulation of hormones, sebum production, and skin turnovers can take long. Nevertheless, waiting a couple of months for a life-long benefit is not too much, right?

Your skin is the first thing that people see. That’s why keeping it healthy and radiant is essential. Good things come to those who are patient and consistent. So, hang tight and let the products change your life!