Why Are Car Rooftop Tents Trending?

The pandemic and the appropriate covid precautions have forced people to look for alternative vacation experiences. Since many hotels are shut down or follow strict protocols, the trend of vacationing in rentals and camping is skyrocketing. People have started seeking refuge in nature once again to shield themselves from the monotony of work from home and regular meetings.

The trend of camping is not going away anytime soon, and it is likely to grow. There have been many new technologies and innovations in the world of camping, but car rooftop tents are winning the trend. It is easier than ever to pack your camping chairs and some clothes, fuel your car and head to the country roads.

Camping on the roof of one’s truck or car might sound strange at first, but there are many benefits to it, like the ones given below:

Above the Pests and Other Campers

Some terrains may pose a challenge as they may be unsafe and inhabited by bugs, snakes and other animals. But, the most remarkable thing about rooftop tents is the fact that you are off the grounds, above all the critters one might encounter. It makes rooftop camps worth it as it provides safety and comfort to the dwellers from large animals like larger cats and bears.

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Comfortable and Relaxing

Many rooftop tents come with a soft cushion and foam padding that rests on the roof of your car, providing more comfort than regular tents. Unlike traditional tents, these tents usually come with a big window with mesh for ventilation, providing you with the fresh and crisp air of the woods.

Offers Protection From Different Climate Condition

Unlike regular camping tents, these tents can handle various weather conditions and generally last longer. Get a hardtop roof tent, and they can handle strong winds, rains, and anything nature has to throw at it.

With the standard ground tents, dew and sogginess in the floor can be troublesome and a regular occurrence in the morning. Rooftop tents provide secure protection from any seepage or soggy morning flooring.

Highly Versatile

A rooftop tent can go wherever a car can go. Anywhere your car goes, the tent goes along with it. As it rests on the roof of your vehicle, it leaves a ton of storage in your vehicle for your other camping gear.

Packing camping gear like sun shelter, camping chairs, essential food supplies, clothes and a portable stove are a must for a comfortable trip.

Most rooftop tents are designed to fit on most trucks and cars. There are even options to customise the tents as per your needs, making the off-ground camping option versatile.

Justified Pricing

These are sturdy and carefully engineered tents to fit on top of cars and provide a bed to a couple of people while being practical and safe. So, understandably, these tents are more expensive than the regular ones. However, with all the benefits, the comfort and versatility, and the money you save on hotels, this turns out to be a tremendous one-off investment.

The pricing ranges from $1000 to $5000, depending on the type of tent you need and the degree of customisation you avail. These tents are cheaper alternatives to RVs and trailers.

Camping even once a year reaps benefits for your mind and soul. It encourages physical activity and gives you a much-needed chance to relax in nature.

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