Pekas Smith: Arizona Disability Attorneys get a large number of Disability Benefits claims each month. Assisting those who are unable to work due to disability is Social Security Disability. Finding a skilled Social Security disability attorney might be challenging. Contrary to widespread opinion, the government denies many SSD claims. Most candidates are denied on their first try. That so, Arizona citizens should seek the assistance of a qualified attorney who can help them establish a solid case and get the financial aid they deserve.


The Social Security Administration (SSA) denies 60 to 70 percent of all first disability claims submitted every year. An SSD claim might be refused for a variety of reasons. Although many claims submitted without the help of skilled Phoenix Social Security Disability attorneys are approved, this often leads to a lengthy disability appeal, which may run up to two years or more in some instances.

Understanding the most prevalent reasons why the Social Security Administration refuses so many claims can help you increase your chances of getting your first benefit claim granted. These are a few examples:

Insufficiency Of Scientific Evidence

If you don’t have adequate medical proof to back up your disability diagnosis, your SSD application may be refused. Medical documents proving your inability to work due to your disability must be provided. Proving your impairment has prevented you from working is what this entails. Visit Here: gopage7

Contact your treating physician and get a copy of your medical records; you must provide this paperwork to the SSA. It is unlikely that the SSA would send a doctor to collect evidence supporting your application for benefits. This is a widespread misunderstanding. Even if the Social Security Administration makes you go in for a medical exam, it may not be enough to establish your disability.

Claim Denials In The Past

A new SSD application isn’t always a better option than an appeal if your earlier claim for benefits was refused. That’s a widely-held misunderstanding, too. If you previously refused a claim, your current claim may be denied as well. To get disability benefits, the appeals procedure is frequently the most fantastic option for you to choose from.

Failure To Comply With Prescribed Medical Treatment

Your SSD claim will be rejected if you don’t follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations, such as taking prescribed drugs or attending physical therapy. If you don’t follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations, the SSA won’t be able to tell not just whether your health condition impairs your capacity to work.

You may explain why you did not complete your doctor’s advised treatment plan during the appeals process. A mental disease that is serious enough to make it impossible to achieve any recommended treatment or therapy might be an acceptable justification for not completing the treatment. Not having enough funds to pay for treatments or having religious views that prevent you from receiving the required therapy are also acceptable non-medical explanations. Having a Disability Benefits lawyer assist you is to your most significant advantage under these situations.

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Refusal To Work With The Ssa Is The Reason 

Disabled people who refuse to comply with the Social Security Administration will have their disability payments revoked. This includes neglecting to provide required medical documents or failing to show up for planned medical checkups, among other things. A qualified physician’s examination is required before the SSA accepts your pain complaint.

As long as you keep in touch with the Social Security Administration (SSA) agent overseeing your case, you will be successful. To keep you updated on the progress of your application, the SSA must be able to contact you periodically.


A law firm would assist you or a loved one if you or they were refused Social Security Disability benefits on your first attempt. Our firm’s offices around the country allow us to serve customers. There are two Government Pension offices within a few minutes’ drive of our head headquarters in Phoenix. To evaluate your claim and assess your legal options, please schedule a free no-obligation consultation. Read More About: eblogz