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Why Custom Canvas Prints Make the Perfect Gift

Gift shopping is something most people do several times per year. For example, it’s common to buy Christmas presents for friends and family in December and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts in the spring. In addition, you likely purchase birthday presents for people throughout the year, and you may also have some special occasions to shop for, such as graduations and weddings.

Whether you’re searching for a baby shower gift or Valentine’s Day present, a canvas print may be just the thing you’re looking for. Read on to learn about how easy it is to acquire beautiful canvas prints and why they make a great gift option for any occasion.

What are canvas prints?

Canvas photo prints are images created by printing ink onto the canvas. The canvas is stretched over a frame which can be hung on the wall or set on a shelf. Standard sizes for canvas prints include ten inches by eight inches, ten inches by 14 inches, 12 inches by 12 inches, and 24 inches by ten inches. It’s possible to put one single image on a canvas print or create a collage on a single canvas print. You can also use several canvas photo prints to make a split panel display or a collage display.

Where can you get canvas prints?

Google “custom canvas prints Canada” to discover the best canvas print services in Canada. Canvas print companies specialize in turning your favorite photos into wall art. Start by choosing your favorite image. Then, create an account on the canvas print company website. Next, upload your image and order the canvas photo prints. You can also use images from Facebook and Instagram to make custom canvas photo prints. Leading canvas printers also have tools that allow you to add text to your images and customize everything from family portraits to fun event photos.

The best canvas print service companies use high-quality canvas that lasts for up to 200 years, ensuring you’re giving a gift that will last a lifetime.

What are the benefits of custom canvas prints?

Canvas images are customizable, making it possible to give anyone a genuinely distinct present. In addition, since you can use your favorite images to produce prints, easy canvas prints are a great way to personalize photo gifts for friends or family members.

Canvas photo prints are affordable. As long as your order meets the minimum limit required, you’ll receive free shipping on your purchase.

Canvas art is versatile. You won’t have to worry about choosing the right frame to fit in with the recipient’s decor.

You can also add to canvas prints on special occasions in the future. For example, perhaps you’re shopping for a sibling who’s having a baby. You could surprise them with family portraits on canvas every year, enabling them to make a creative display featuring family portraits throughout the years.

You can turn your favorite images into great photo gifts in other ways, too.

Perhaps you’re shopping for someone who has an industrial design style, and you don’t think canvas would be a suitable material for wall art in their home. Instead of having your favorite images printed on canvas, you can opt to have your favorite images printed on metal. You can choose between high-definition metal prints, brushed metal prints, and metal wall art made up of multiple images or panels.

You may also be in the market for someone who has a cottage or enjoys nature. You can opt to have images printed on wood. If you prefer a traditional approach, you can opt for photo prints or acrylic prints instead. No matter what materials you choose, customized wall art featuring favorite photos is a great way to give someone a personal present they’ll cherish for years to come.

Custom canvas prints are durable and customizable. For example, you can use several canvas prints to create a wall display or order a collage print featuring several images on one large piece of stretched canvas. Canvas photo prints are also a great gift option because they’re affordable and easy to order.

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