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Why Do My Betta Fish Keep Dying – Explanation of Some Vital Reasons

In our modern society, Pet betta fish at home is currently one of the most popular trends. The beta fish exhibit a picture of the beauty and serenity of the house. This is a very fun activity. When you play with or feed the betta fish, their vitality plays a vital role in bringing you peace of mind.

However, it is sad but true that there are many reasons why betta fish die very quickly. The most important of these are poor water quality, lack of proper tank and aquarium preparation, and mostly lack of proper maintenance. Since red betta fish require extensive care of amateur animals.

So when it comes to rearing betta fish, you need to be very careful so that your betta fish do not die too quickly. In this article, we will discuss in detail the reasons why betta fish recover and die very quickly.


Proper care of betta fish does not mean that you feed the betta fish frequently. When you overfeed a betta, the betta fish are more likely to die quickly. Such a situation is harmful to the fish.

In fact, overfeeding is one of the main reasons why betta fish die so quickly. When betta fish eat extra food, betta fish will get sick very quickly, which increases the chances of strokes. Excess food is also one of the causes of aquarium water pollution, which increases the amount of ammonia in the water. As a result, the water becomes toxic, which is not desirable for a month.

Poor water conditions:

The role of water in every aquatic animal is immense. No aquatic animal can survive in contaminated water for very long. Similarly, for beta fish, the condition and amount of water need to be accurate.

There are two main types of problems in the aquarium water of betta fish. Both of these substances pose a threat to beta fees. In the betta fish tanks, the main reason these substances are made is due to fish waste and over-feeding.

It is therefore imperative to provide safe water to the tank in the case of betta fish care. So before raising these issues, you should give fresh water to your regular betta tank to prolong the life of your betta fish.

Low water temperatures:

Proper care of betta fish requires proper temperature in betta tanks. The main reason for stress and illness is not taking proper care of the fish tank’s temperature.

Specifically, the temperature in your better tanks should be 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the ideal amount for your guys to survive. You need to change the water regularly if needed to correct the temperature. So that your betta fish can always move in the tanks at ease. So it is important to control the water temperature in the aquarium to reduce the risk of betta death.

In addition, many times, it is seen that the water temperature suddenly goes towards freezing point. It is one of the leading causes of sudden death in betta Fish. So you have to make sure that the betta fish temperature is not too cold.

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