Why Do We Experience White Discharge?


White discharge, or vaginal discharge, is normal for every woman. It is considered healthy to have white discharge. But when this discharge’s colour, smell, and consistency change, we must check on it. As it can happen due to some vaginal infections as well.

White discharge is produced because of bacteria and cells. It is considered healthy because it helps prevent bacterial infection by lubricating the vagina. White discharge is produced by the vagina, uterus, and cervix. So, women should not worry if they have normal vaginal discharge. However, if you notice changes in your vaginal discharge, be it in its colour or amount, you must see a lady doctor.

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Know more about White Discharge

Before we understand why white discharge occurs, we should know that a normal white discharge is a sign of a healthy and hygienic vagina. White discharge is quite helpful for us, and that, too, in multiple ways, like it, helps maintain the pH balance of the vagina. In addition, keep germs, dirt, and bacteria away from the vagina.

One can notice the change in the white discharge after every menstrual cycle. The change in the white discharge can also be observed during pregnancy. It is normal to have a small amount of white discharge every day. But if one notices frequent white discharge or any change in white discharge, they must visit a lady doctor or gynaecologist.

Reasons Why White Discharge Occurs

There are several reasons why women experiences white discharge amongst which mainly are the following two-

● Leukorrhea

The white discharge that we experience during our menstrual cycle is called leukorrhea. It is the most natural process to experience white discharge during this period. In the initial days of the menstrual cycle, one may experience a thin white discharge. Then, one experiences it during the release of eggs. It is also known as the ovulation period, and slowly the vaginal discharge becomes thick like mucus.

The ovulation period is considered the best time for women planning to conceive. This is because the chances of becoming pregnant are more during this time. But if you feel that there is some change in the odour of the discharge or its colour, consult a lady doctor, as that might not be a healthy discharge.

● Pregnancy

Another cause behind the white discharge is pregnancy. During the pregnancy’s early stages, women produce white discharge; however, it is thin. The reason behind this vaginal discharge is the hormonal changes that are taking place in the woman’s body. With the help of the white discharge during pregnancy, it is possible to keep bacteria and infections away from the cervix. Therefore, for a healthy pregnancy, it is essential to get a white discharge.

Besides the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, women get white discharge when not ovulating. But the white discharge they get during this period is sticky and thick. It usually occurs after the menstrual cycle ends. It works as a wall to prevent bacteria and germs from entering the vagina and cervix.

The Bottom Line

So, now you know different reasons why we experience white discharge. If you get the signs of getting an unhealthy white discharge, do not delay, as it may cause infection. Instead, connect with a lady doctor specialising in this department to cure such infections.