Why Does Gold Remain a Prime Investment Option for Millennials?

All through the past, civilization has been excited by gold. In each stage of the past, possessing gold remained a major sign of an individual’s financial status.

However, the nature of investments in gold has gone through a sea change in today’s time. Primarily in the prior decades, the introduction of technology and speedy globalization has led to great changes in investor actions and hopes. Millennial investors have a distinct approach when we talk about taking investment decisions, no matter if it is securities, stocks, gold, or gold.

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Gold: The Best Investment Option

Gold has been a vital element of all the healthy, and well-balanced investment portfolios in economies of the world, for a long time. In India, people primarily have constantly lounged their belief in as much as investments are concerned.

Besides a sign of wealth, our ancestors used yellow metal as an all-weather investing plan to safeguard them from any economical misfortune.

Therefore, millennials have witnessed gold as the prime investment. It used to be part of their cultural and financial life.

There haven’t been many changes till then, and gold has proved its durability and shelf-life, increasing more powerful as an investment alternative over the years. Even nowadays, people in India carry on to deal in yellow metal more than ever because of various aspects.

Investment Alternatives

Besides cultural, geopolitical, economic, and pandemic factors, investing in gold has got more traction among millennials because of its low volatility, easy liquidity, stability, and so on.

Different from other investment alternatives, putting money in gold has always been easy insofar as ease of transactions is considered. In addition, various channels of gold investments have developed over the past many years.

At the moment, folks can put their money in gold coins, gold mutual funds, gold jewelry, gold companies, gold futures, gold ETFs, gold futures, gold mutual funds, and gold bullion. Therefore, gold retains its appeal among investors in the market of varying alternatives.

A Hedge against Uncertainty

The economic crisis at the time of peak pandemic once more showed gold’s standing as a great hedge against inflation. It acted as a buffer against the highs and lows of the financial markets in the past few months.

In the past, during such times of uncertainty and disturbance, the rates of gold have been the evenest.

Thus, it can be concluded that gold has typically served as a shock absorber in difficult financial periods and carries on to do so even today.

The Future

The yellow metal carries on to attract millennials as one of the most secured investment alternatives. Over time, gold investment has adopted new forms, however, it stays as valuable as ever.

The novel investment alternatives such as digital gold have made gold a stress-free investment option for millennials. Having various alternatives, shock-proof ROI (Return on Investment), and good returns, the steadiness of gold carries on to woo the new-gen investors and keeps a promising future for the youth.

Supply Limitations

Since the 1990s, the majority of the gold supply in the marketplace has originated from sales of gold bullion from the vaults of global central banks. These sales decelerated significantly in the year 2008. Simultaneously, the creation of new gold from mines had been decreasing since 2000. As per BullionVault.com, yearly gold-mining output went down from 2573 metric tons (year 2000) to 2444 metric tons (year 2007). It can take about 5 to 10 years to bring a novel mine into fabrication. Generally, decline in the supply of yellow metal upsurges its rates.

Geopolitical Uncertainty

The yellow metal retains its worth not just during the economic crisis, but also during geopolitical uncertainty. This is also called the “crisis commodity” as folks escape to its relative safety while world tensions upsurge. At such times, it usually overtakes other investment alternatives. For instance, the rates of gold witnessed some significant price movements in 2022 in reply to the crisis occurring in the EU (European Union). The rates usually upsurge the most while confidence in governments is low.


Gold must be an integral part of a diversified investment portfolio as its value raises in reply to occasions that lead to the decline of the value of paper investments (bonds, and stocks). Looking to buy or sell gold near Ghaziabad? Then visit the most reputable jewelry store .