Why IndoAsian’s Zosta Exhaust Fans Are Right For Your Home


Zosta exhaust fans by IndoAsian are well-known for their stylish looks and extreme efficiency. IndoAsian is famous for its high-quality products which have a huge market demand. IndoAsian exhaust fans come in two different sizes—6”, 150 mm; and 9”, 250 mm.

IndoAsian exhaust fans come with specially angled blades that maximise airflow while ensuring that there is minimum noise. These fans not only serve the purpose but also add glamour to the interior elegance of your home. The following sections discuss the features of these exhaust fans in detail.

Zosta exhaust fans—where style meets safety

Zosta exhaust fans by IndoAsian are the epitome of style. They are equipped with back flaps that automatically shut when they are not in use. This prevents insects, rodents and dust particles from entering the room. They also have a break-resistant plastic body that prevents rusting.

Zosta exhaust fans are among the safest appliances to use. These fans strictly comply with the stringent RoHS standards which ensure that their hazardous contents are within the permissible limits. This also means that they are environment-friendly and can be safely disposed of.

The bonus is the fact that Zosta exhaust fans by IndoAsian are extremely easy to install and have a very low power consumption. Therefore, they provide a cost-effective solution.

Different sizes of Zosta exhaust fans

Zosta exhaust fans come in two different sizes—6”, 150 mm; and 9”, 250 mm. The prices for these variants are Rs 1,750 and Rs 2,250, respectively. The power consumption is a maximum of 38 watts.

Stylish designs, stellar performance and low power consumption make these exhaust fans an automatic choice for your residence.

The efficiency of IndoAsian exhaust fans

Besides the good looks, the best thing about Zosta exhaust fans by IndoAsian is their extreme efficiency. These fans are powered by copper motors that have a higher current carrying capacity. These copper motors are extremely efficient, have higher longevity, and help reduce the heat that is generated.

Moreover, the copper motors move the air rapidly, thus sucking out smoke, fumes and any bad odour. As a result, the warm, moist air is replaced by fresh air, which keeps the room clean and hygienic. This also prevents dust, grime and soot from accumulating.

Zosta exhaust fans are a smart addition to your home because of their remarkable looks and powerful build.

Advantages of using Zosta exhaust fans

Zosta exhaust fans are a compulsory addition to your home. They are meant to filter out moist air, steam and dust from the home, keeping the ambience fresh and clean. They efficiently control the humidity in enclosed environments, like in the kitchen or the bathroom.

The smoke released during cooking can make the kitchen area suffocating at times. Zosta exhaust fans by IndoAsian are extremely efficient when it comes to removing smoke and keeping the air clean. Thus, they also prevent the walls from becoming sticky or greasy with time.

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