Why Is Maintaining Your Greenhouse Important

Good greenhouse maintenance is crucial to the function of your greenhouse in years to come. If you want to make the most out of your investment, now is the time to brush up on your greenhouse maintenance and tackle those dreaded jobs that if done regularly are very small and manageable.

Regular clean ups will keep your greenhouse thriving for your years but we’re not all clued up on exactly how to get started. Now is the time to pay a little bit of extra attention and give your greenhouse a little TLC. If you’re a beginner, we have just the advice you need, and if you’re a dab hand in the greenhouse but terrible and maintenance then this one is for you.

The best time to start a greenhouse clean is now. There is no specific time in the year you should opt to clean, it should be little and often with perhaps seasonal maintenance and facilities check-ups. For example, if autumn and winter is approaching, let’s check the heating system, the ventilation, check for any forming rust and that windows and doors are opening properly. If you have an automatic irrigation system, check that this is working properly and there are no blockages in the pipes. Additionally, we recommend if your pipes are exposed to insulate these, so they don’t freeze throughout the winter months.

Image Credit: Two Wests

Now is the time to replace any cracked greenhouse panels or windowpanes. You are running the risk of allowing water through the cracks which allows for freezing to set in and cause more damage which is also very unsafe. To do this you should always wear gloves, and try avoiding any accidents, if possible, ouch!

When checking your greenhouse frame, you should take note of any lose bolts, fixtures, and fittings, particularly if your greenhouse is a few years old. Over time, the fixtures, fittings, screws, and bolts will begin to loosen through years of natural wear and tear, not to mention taking a hit from the seasonal weather changes. If your greenhouse is made of wood, it’s extremely important to look for signs of rotting and wood worm.

Now is a good time to check your greenhouse base for any cracks, gaps, or damage. Any gaps can be a breeding ground for unwanted pests, droughts, and water. Ignoring this problem will be catastrophic to your greenhouse frame and you’ll find you will hinder the longevity of your frame.

Finally, looking into pest control you should do the following:

  • Close up any gaps in the greenhouse base, frame, or panels
  • Clean your greenhouse regularly
  • Control your pests naturally. By allowing certain insects into your greenhouse nature will take its course and this also reduces the need to use harmful pesticides that can be detrimental to your plant and vegetable health as well as your own
  • Check all frames, plants, and vegetables for signs of pestsClick Here: ifun tv