FoodWhy The Traditional Sandwich Lives On

Why The Traditional Sandwich Lives On

As the food & beverage industry is constantly evolving, with new fads and trends coming and going, the great sandwich is timeless and we still crave amazing combinations of breads, cheeses and hams, together with a diverse range of additives and sauces. The club sandwich has been around almost as long as bread and with forward-thinking companies such as Subway, the list of baguette meals is indeed long.

Great Sandwich Makers

If you take a look at the Electrolux Professional panini and sandwich press, you can see how much progress has been made to create a sandwich press that ticks all of the boxes. We all know that time is money in the food & beverage sector and this amazing appliance heats up to the required temperature to create crispy toasted snacks in no time at all!

Great Quality Bread

This is another reason for the success of the sandwich and as bakers become more creative, new versions emerge and much like the beer sector, small, independent bakers are taking their share of a knowledgeable market. Today’s consumer demands tasty & nutritious fibre in their diet, while the gluten-free market is steadily growing; search online for ‘bakers near me’ and you might be surprised to learn that a great local bakery is just around the corner.

Great Marketing

Bread is right up there with all the other staple foods and thanks to the speed and convenience of the sandwich, along with the endless list of fillings (it really is never-ending), bread products are found everywhere. If you have a thing for junk food, click here.

Essential Roughage

Asian people consume rice, while US and European people get their roughage from bread and potatoes, with the former being the most popular. That said, the Asian market for bread is growing exponentially, especially in Thailand, where bread has long been a great combination with ice cream and the western sandwich has found a place in the heart of the Thai people.

Amazing Fillings

What doesn’t go with bread? Some adventurous people experiment with sweet and sour tastes, indeed, most cultures have their favourite sandwich fillings and with the Internet, we can all share our foods with people from other cultures. Why not add a few unique club sandwiches to your menu? Fruit yoghurts can be added to salad dressings, alongside the regular bacon, cheese and ham fillings that are so popular.

Bigger is Better

If you’re talking about baguettes, the one-foot sandwich takes some beating and is a hearty meal for one person and a great filler for two. Of course, a lot depends on your customers and what they prefer; you could create a few new bread-based products and hand out samples with other menus, asking for feedback. Most people are happy to try new food, especially when it is free and who knows? You might create a new trend in sandwiches!

Bread will always be a part of every culture and with the global focus on health, natural breads are making a comeback.

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