More than 80% of Americans move during the high moving season, around April to September. Many find it the best time to move because they don’t want to struggle moving items down an icy driveway with the harsh winds blasting their faces. Others don’t know the benefits of moving during winter.

Despite the challenges of moving during winter, there are so many reasons why you should.

Take advantage of low-cost moving deals.

The first reason you should move during winter is to take advantage of moving deals. Because few people are moving, many moving companies are more than willing to drop their moving costs during winter. The demand for movers is usually significantly less during this time, so movers are willing to lower their prices to stay in business. Therefore, winter is the ideal time to hire a moving company to save more costs, especially when moving on a budget.

Cheaper housing and storage units

Rent is usually cheaper during the winter months due to the low demand for homes. New homes are also likely to sell for less during winter because the busy buying season ends around September. Besides the low rent and affordable homes, it is easier to get a cost-effective storage unit during winter due to the less occupancy. If you are looking to downsize to a smaller house and want a cheaper storage unit between the transition, winter is the best time to move.

More availability of moving services

There is greater availability of moving services during winter than summer. In the peak season, moving companies get booked quickly, and it is easier to miss a slot if you don’t book early. But in winter, you have the luxury to secure a move at an opportune moment because the competition is less fierce. When scheduling a move during winter, choose a mid-month or mid-week time frame to take advantage of a less costly move.

A faster relocation

Another reason to move in the winter is to take advantage of a faster relocation. Moving can be overwhelming in the summer because the highways are packed with cars, and the congestion makes a move slower. But in the winter, the snowy roads are less jam-packed, making it easier for the moving truck to reach the destination.

Extra customer service

A moving company will have more crews available to facilitate your move in the winter than in the summer because the demand for moving is less. Moving companies take advantage of the less hectic winter schedule to provide clients with the attention they deserve.

Fewer distractions

The last activity you want to do is to spend your summer packing your home for a move. Therefore moving during winter allows you enough time to pack so that you enjoy summer without any distractions.

Dodge the heat

Moving during winter allows you to escape the heat-related stress of packing and loading during summer. Winter also protects your valuables from the scorching sun when moving. As long as you use waterproof boxes, everything is good to go.

The bottom line

Moving during winter saves you more money and allows you to experience a smooth move with enough crew.