Winning Strategies to Grow Your E-Commerce Business in 2021


The digital marketing landscape changes so rapidly that it is hard to keep up with what the latest digital marketing strategies are. But there are some universal truths in digital marketing that will remain true for a long time, and those insights can help you grow your e-commerce business in 2021. In this blog post, we’ll share four winning digital marketing strategies to grow your e-commerce business in 2021.

This blog post is about four winning strategies for digital marketing to grow your e-commerce business in 2021.

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney

Hiring a digital marketing agency is one of the wisest decisions you can make to grow your e-commerce business in 2021. If you are looking for specific services, they may be able to offer expertise and insights that will help build successful strategies. Here are some reasons why hiring an agency makes sense: 

Speed – Your company needs new content or videos created regularly? A professional team can work quickly and efficiently without taking up any time from your employees who have other duties/responsibilities outside of creating media assets (such as salespeople).

Knowledge – You don’t want to hire someone with limited knowledge about what works best online? Hire a digital marketing agency because their experts know what resonates with customers and what does not.

Cost – You are hesitant to invest in a digital marketing agency because it may be too costly? Remember that this team will provide you with the latest insights, knowledge, data analysis services as well as valuable content or videos regularly without taking up any time from your employees.

This will give you access to experts who can produce engaging social media posts at speeds faster than ever before. They also know best about what works online so they’re worth every penny if you want more sales conversions! To use them effectively, follow these tips:

  • Hire a marketing agency that can help you with the latest trends in digital and offline strategies for e-commerce success. 
  • Work closely together to develop new content or videos on an ongoing basis. 
  • Have your teamwork quickly because time is money! Speed up your process by outsourcing some of the heavy lifting (and cost) like writing blog posts, updating social media profiles, etc. so you can focus on what matters most – building relationships with customers online and off who will spread the word about their experience/purchase.
  • Share this information widely across company channels including email newsletters, onboarding processes, sales scripts, website copywriting as well as direct customer interactions via phone call or chat features, etc.). The more you share, the more opportunities for new customers to find out about your e-commerce business.

Build Your Brand Online with Paid Social Media Campaigns 

The second strategy of digital marketing success is to build your brand online with paid social media campaigns. It’s important that you start building an audience early in order to grow a community around your company and products/services before competitor brands do it instead! 

There are many ways to pay for ads on various platforms like Facebook Ads or Twitter Promoted Tweets. Here are some reasons why:

Speed – You want quick results? Paying for advertising will give you access to millions of targeted followers without waiting months until organic content grows them (or not). Remember that people have short attention spans so keep all posts under 120 characters as well as images and videos under 15 seconds.

Knowledge – You need to know what will resonate with your target audience? Hire a digital marketing expert who can conduct research on the latest trends in advertising so they can advise you accordingly. This saves time for both of you! 

Cost – If cost is your main concern, don’t worry because data shows that paid ads are more efficient than organic content at bringing in sales conversions especially when it comes to e-commerce.

Invest in SEO

The third strategy is investing in search engine optimization or SEO services from an agency. Any company wants their site to be found by customers looking for products just as fast as possible but if Google doesn’t rank your website, then they can’t find it. 

We use a variety of SEO techniques to give your site an advantage over competitors and we also offer our clients long-term software solutions that ensure their success in the future by not having their rankings drop when algorithms change.

Here are some ways you can increase sales conversions with SEO:

Speed – If time is money, using search engine optimization services will allow you to rank faster on Google than any other organic content strategy such as link building or social media advertising (both of which take months if done correctly). This way customers who see your website after performing a web search won’t have to be redirected elsewhere before converting because your business’s information will already be at the top! Plus, this keeps you on the first page of Google which means more website traffic and sales conversions.

Knowledge – We know what will work from years of experience with marketing strategies that have been successful for e-commerce companies just like yours so we can confidently tell you how to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) as well as advise you on where to invest your time and money when it comes to SEO techniques (i.e. content creation, link building, social media).

Cost – Like most digital marketing agencies out there, our services are affordable because they offer a high return on investment which is why 68% of businesses report an increase in organic traffic after using paid advertising or creating new content such as blog posts!

Create a Newsletter

The fourth digital marketing strategy is creating a newsletter for your e-commerce business. This will help you keep in touch with current and potential customers because it’s one of the easiest ways to deliver personalized, relevant content that they want (and need) to read. 

We recommend using email automation software like MailChimp or Klaviyo which makes it easy to send out monthly newsletters full of articles about your company as well as valuable tips for running an online store such as when its best time to post on social media platforms etc.). It also allows you to collect people’s emails so that later on you can build up your list and get them excited about new products/services!

Here are some benefits:

Speed – Your inbox might be flooded with new emails but email inboxes aren’t! This means that you get to see your customers’ responses faster, they spend less time reading the messages and completing tasks like opening another link or downloading a document, etc. 

Knowledge – These automation tools also help with managing customer data so now you can know more about who is interested in what as well as which of your blog posts resonate most often for future content creation purposes. 

Cost – Email marketing services are one of the cheapest digital marketing strategies on this list because it’s easy to create an automated campaign without spending too much money on paid ads. Plus, there are different levels depending on how many subscribers want high-volume campaigns (versus low/medium).

Social Media Marketing

The final digital strategy is social media marketing. As the world’s most popular social networking site, Facebook has over 335 million active users and is a great place to reach your target audience!

The first thing you need to include on your page is company information about what you do like organizational mission statements or product descriptions so that people know who they’re following/liking. 

You should also post engaging content such as blog posts, videos tutorials, etc.) at least once a week for maximum engagement with customers and followers (which will result in more website traffic). 

Marketing through Instagram can be done by posting photos of products that are relevant to your niche because this helps connect consumers with brands one-on-one; plus these pictures get liked more often than text-based posts which increases your followers. Here are some benefits:

Knowledge – You can see who’s interacting with what and when, so you’ll know if a video tutorial is more popular than other content or not. This also allows you to create new videos based on higher-performing blog posts from the past. Plus, it enables businesses to be personalized because they’re only marketing their products/services to people that might like them!

Cost – The low cost of social media platforms such as Facebook means that even small companies without big budgets can have a presence online thanks to these simple strategies for e-commerce business owners in 2021 (since customers want easy access).

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