Working Model Ideas in Mathematics for School Projects and Exhibitions


In school, every year a variety of exhibitions are conducted based on different subjects such as Mathematics and Science. Also, sometimes for exams students need to submit the subjective projects. The more attractive projects are, the good marks students get.

In Mathematics, there are various topics and concepts, based on which students can prepare projects. Also, these projects can be used for Maths working models for exhibition. Maths model is a scholarly model that utilizes numerical articulation to clarify the capacity of a framework. In schools, understudies are doled out Maths activities to make them think and learn. They can utilize their scholarly capacities to make models. These models will assist with learning the ideas in an inventive manner. Be that as it may, here we will examine models dependent on numerical ideas for Class 5 to 10.

List of Maths Working Models

There are various topics on which we can make working models and still models, in Mathematics. Some of the most famous topics that are usually chosen for creating working models for exhibitions and projects are:

  • Addition and subtraction of numbers models
  • Counting numbers models
  • Maths multiplication tables models
  • Area of 2d Shapes
  • Surface area of 3d shapes
  • Volumes of 3d shapes
  • Pie Chart model
  • Bar Graphs model
  • Polygons and their sides models
  • Types of angles
  • Types of triangles
  • Types of Numbers
  • Arithmetic operators models
  • Conic Sections Models
  • Odd and even numbers models
  • Models on Clocks
  • Fractions Models
  • How many squares in a big square can be made Model
  • Radius of circle
  • Circumference of circle
  • Pyramid models
  • Venn Diagram Models

The above given topics can be easily used to create models. Students of primary classes and higher secondary classes, can choose the topics as per their syllabus. These working models in Mathematics are the best practice by the students to learn Maths in a practical way. Even the school teachers can prepare the models for Maths and Science subjects to make students learn easily.

How to Make Math Models?

To make mathematical models for exhibitions and projects, students need to use craft items or household items. It is recommended that students should make the best use of household waste products such as newspapers, cardboards, carton boxes, bubble raps, thermocols, etc.

After collecting all the materials for the projects, choose a proper concept which you think can present in a better way. Formulate the mathematical model, if it is related to a problem or question. Solve the problem and interpret the solution. Compare if that solution is right or wrong as per reality. Thus, the validation of the model is done. Now use the materials to construct the model using tapes, fevicol and scissors.

You can also take the help of your parents and teachers to create the models. They will help and guide you to prepare the models in a better way. Students can also prepare electric models using wires and batteries. But avoid creating models that require electricity, since it could be dangerous for students.


Maths models are basically utilized in the field of Natural Sciences and Engineering disciplines, which covers subjects like Physics, Biology, and Electrical Engineering. It additionally has its significance in subjects like sociologies covering subjects like Sociology, Computer Science, Political Science and Economics. Many professionals such as Physicists, Engineers, and Economists utilize these models for their case-studies, most broadly.