Younique Will Uplift Women with New Beauty Blog


Younique is a beauty company with skincare and makeup lines for women. They use a direct sales model. They have announced a new beauty destination with blog content aimed at enacting Younique’s mission statement. This blog will encourage and empower women with inspiring content about female role models, mindfulness, inner and outer strength, and beauty guides.

What is Younique’s Mission?

The Mission Statement stresses the importance of building self-esteem for women with products that can increase both inner and outer beauty. The brand provides financial and personal growth opportunities for women who want to introduce Younique’s products to others, known as presenters.

Younique is a family-oriented company with family values at its heart. It was founded by a sibling duo, Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft. It was developed with an understanding of the unique needs women have in their families and communities. The ultimate goal of the company is to uplift women by offering them flexible, self-led sales opportunities that lead to personal development and financial gain.

What Products Does Younique Offer?

The company’s main offerings are in beauty. All products are cruelty-free and backed by scientific research. The new blog will provide more information about Younique’s science-based approach, which finds effective ways to provide eco-friendly beauty products.

Fans love the Fiber Lash Mascara, the Royalty Uplift Beauty Serum, and the Mineral concealer.

What Kind Of Content Will Be On The Younique Blog?

Even though the product offerings are in beauty, the blog will not be limited to just beauty content. Instead, it will focus on upholding the mission statement by empowering women in many different areas.

You can expect lifestyle content, personal development tips, business and sales ideas, and insider details about the newest beauty products. The blog will be an online destination for women who are looking to transform into their best selves.

Members of the Younique team will be featured on the blog to tell stories about how Younique has helped them grow as women. This will help to boost self-esteem for highlighted presenters and encourage aspiring presenters to look up to these role models.

The Younique Foundation is the company’s charity and is likely to be the subject of many blog posts. It is an organization dedicated to helping survivors of child sexual assault. Their charity work provides another avenue for women to find fulfilling personal growth and those stories will be shared.

When Will The New Blog Launch?

Younique hasn’t announced a launch date at this time, but fans can check the website for updates. If you do see a blog about Younique elsewhere on the web, it may be the personal blog of one of the company’s presenters.

Younique focuses heavily on social media, so keep your eyes open on your personal social media channels. Perhaps you know a company presenter who will share this new blog as soon as it launches!

How Will Younique’s Blog Help Presenters?

The new blog will provide inspiring content that presenters can share with their communities. It will also feature business and presentation advice that can help Younique presenters hone their direct sales skills.