Your Wardrobe Needs Australian Opal Jewellery Now

Having a few pieces of timeless jewellery at hand can mean a lot when you are trying to put together sleek outfits. Unlike trendy accessories that come and go, the classic pieces can last you throughout decades, regardless of the style of the era. Diamonds and sapphires are beautiful in their own right, but opals have a distinctive character. Australian opal jewellery is so versatile and chic at the same time that it can accompany you to a black-tie event and blend with your work clothes seamlessly.

Besides being an outstanding fashion statement, there are numerous other reasons why opal jewellery is worth adding to your collection. If you want to purchase opal jewellery, here are six reasons you need to hurry.

Ethically Mined

Unlike most gemstones, mining for opals is far less invasive. Australian opal mining is highly sustainable and environment-friendly. The major opal mines such as Coober Pedy, Andamooka, and Mintabe are handled by companies that manage the issues associated with mining in ways that are most beneficial to the surrounding communities.

Unique in Every Way

When it comes to gemstones in jewellery, opals are extremely hard to come by. When purchasing designer jewellery, most people reach for the familiar diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. Maybe that’s why opals have that uniqueness about them. With opal jewellery, you can add an element of bohemian to your outfits and stand out from the masses.

Star on Earth

If you are someone who trusts in astrology, then no one needs to tell you that opal is the Libra birthstone. People with astrological signs associated with Venus are said to have benefited from wearing opal. They see improvements in various aspects of life, from creativity to improved relationships, and the pros are too important to ignore.

Pleasing to the Eye

From the black opal to the milky kind, this gemstone attracts a different kind of attention. Under the right lighting, the opals blaze like green and purple fires, looking almost iridescent. The diversity of colours in each opal is unique, which is why the same jewellery gives a different appeal to the outfits each time.

Affordable Luxury

Unlike the other gemstones, opal jewellery does not have a price tag that weighs heavily on the wallet. You can find creative and one-of-a-kind pieces that add to your precious collection at an affordable rate. Apart from being innovative in design, opal jewellery is highly appropriate as a mother’s day gift or a gift to the mother of the bride. Being easy to maintain and style also means you can use the jewellery on many occasions without the fear of losing its charm.

Touch of Good Luck

Since medival times, opal has been said to have brought all good things to those who used it. From black opal giving power to magicians and white opals preserving hair colour in blonde women, the opal has always held a spot in the hearts of the masses. Another peculiar use of the opal was to grant invisibility to thieves. You may not need any of these powers of the opal, but for you, opal can add to your elegance and be an excellent investment after all.

Has a great piece of opal jewellery caught your eye? Were you on the internet looking for a way to rationalise the purchase? Then you have ended up in the right place. Opal jewellery is the exact thing you need when looking for bohemian elegance. So go ahead and make that purchase.